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Find Out How SERVPRO Can Help With Water Removal in Twin Falls After a Leak

1/5/2020 (Permalink)

water damage in basement Having excess moisture from a leaking humidifier can cause water damage in your home. Call SERVPRO to assess the situation and remediate damage.

Water Removal Twin Falls – Humidifier Water Leak

During winter months, many residential consumers run humidifiers to increase humidity in their homes. The humidity level in a home can drop below 30%, which can dry out furniture, floors and even make it uncomfortable for occupants with dry, itchy skin. Many humidifiers are attached to a water supply and fill automatically. Just like any other appliance, these humidifiers can develop a leak, creating wet conditions in the area of your heating system.

Water removal in Twin Falls in basements presents unique challenges. SERVPRO has worked with clients, who much to their surprise, encounter wet basements, involving carpets, a variety of wet items stored on the floor, and furniture. In most situations, everything can be dried and restored; however, it is essential to complete repairs and dry everything to avoid further damage.

Restoring Contents Stored in the Basement

Many consumers use their basements for storage, and everything is placed directly on the floor in boxes. When there is a water leak, cardboard boxes naturally soak up any moisture present. Everything must be removed from exposed containers. Every item is evaluated for cleaning in place, dry cleaning if needed, and repacked. Most cardboard boxes must be thrown out and replaced.

There are many different types of flooring found in the basement. SERVPRO evaluates the amount of water and damage to floors to design the best water removal approach. We mop or vacuumed all water from hard floors such as tile and hardwood. We use water extractors for carpeting and underpad.

SERVPRO may suggest turning off the humidifier until humidity levels return to normal levels. Depending on conditions, we may also deploy dehumidifiers and air movers to lower humidity levels. Many homeowners install floating floors in basements to allow water to drain under the floor. SERVPRO can check under the floor to confirm moisture levels and can deploy specialty air movers to dry these areas as well.

SERVPRO can also provide full-service restoration services to our clients. Our Contractor License is: Residential: RCE-43137

Call SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties at (208) 735-1447 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Buhl, Rock Creek, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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SERVPRO of Twin Falls is Your First Choice for Commercial and Residential Emergency Property Restoration Services

12/30/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment drying water damaged kitchen and floors No matter the restoration emergency, SERVPRO is always on call.

Commitment to Community and Families in Twin Falls Are Why SERVPRO Stands Out in the Regional Disaster Recovery Field 

Your Twin Falls company or residence is so much more than a building. When water, fire, storms, or mold attack the place you call home or the business you built, more than damaged structures or ruined fixtures are at stake. We understand that our customers need state of the art equipment and highly qualified technicians to put back the pieces. Restoring your sense of safety, comfort, and peace of mind are also essential, and our team goes that extra mile on every residential project we accept. 

Water Damage Restoration 

Responding to a water loss in Twin Falls requires a commitment to hard work on the part of the SERVPRO team. In addition to an exceptional work ethic, our managers and technicians also master the restoration industry’s best practices through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) courses. Failing to follow research-based protocols when responding to water damage can result in progressive deterioration of structural components and fixtures. Secondary damage such as mildew and mold growth are nearly inevitable if moisture levels remain elevated. Our thorough approach minimizes these issues. 

Expect a swift response from our team after your call, as water damages quickly and relentlessly. Our crews arrive with fully-stocked service vehicles, ready to pump or extract the influx of water. Experienced project managers evaluate the condition of the water, assigning it a category from 1 through 3. Category 1, or freshwater, currently poses little risk of microbial growth if removed fast. Category 2 and especially 3 water contains contaminants, some of which can be health hazards. Sewage and flood water immediately assume a Category 3 label and must be contained and disposed of per local hazardous waste regulations. 

SERVPRO crews aim to extract every drop of liquid water, as the more moisture that evacuates before drying, the more efficient our techniques can be. We use detection devices to locate trapped water and consider releasing quantities of fluids from behind structures using controlled demolition like flood cuts and punched or drilled holes. Structural drying then proceeds, air movers, and heaters, which are facilitating evaporation of water from porous structures. Dehumidifiers then absorb or condense the vapor for a final resolution.  

Fire Damage Restoration 

A fire in Twin Falls is not an easy proposition for a homeowner. Relief that escaping personal harm is replaced with a sense of loss and dread as you survey the mess and destruction. No one can handle fire residues and charring without the help of trained and experienced professionals. The debris is toxic, and the worry of weakened structures and permanent odors is realistic. 

Contacting our full-service fire damage company in Twin Falls results in the rapid receipt of a multi-skilled and well-equipped response to a severe and complicated set of problems. Our team assesses the damage and digs right in, ready to stabilize, mitigates, remove, clean, and remediate the damage. Fire residues are highly toxic and difficult to remove safely and efficiently. Our technicians master research-based strategies from IICRC courses to cover every exigency.  

First, the SERVPRO crews stabilize the structure, which includes removing water, a dangerous and destructive substance after it quells the flames. Project managers evaluate residues and match methods and products to clean up the soot and remove charring. As crew members attack the soot, they observe safety measures that keep them and the occupants free from further harm, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and air quality enhancers like air scrubbers.  

Our production facility Contents Processing Technicians work on fire-damaged furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions. SERVPRO has access to resources that can restore items from papers and photos, to window treatments and clothing, to toys and other personal treasures, to furnishings, and more. We take pride not only in restoring your home after a fire but also in returning beloved objects and practical items to function and appearance. 

Mold Remediation 

Among the stresses inherent in owning a home, finding mold damage in your Twin Falls dwelling ranks high on the list. Not only is the smell of multiplying fungal organisms unpleasant, but it can also be embarrassing to open your doors to visitors when the odor is present. As the mold spores grow, more develop and become airborne, causing irritation and even allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.  

Although many DIY products for mold treatment in Twin Falls exist, the growth cycle of various household molds makes it very difficult to manage without professional help. One critical point to learn is that remediation, not the elimination of mold occurs. The remediation process is challenging but successful when completed by trained and certified technicians. This fact is why SERVPRO can be a helpful resource for individuals battling mold outbreaks. 

Mold spores are everywhere and cause trouble only when they absorb water. If a leak, condensation, high humidity above 60 percent, or an incompletely remediated and dry water loss exists for more than 24 to 48 hours, spores can take that opportunity to absorb moisture to begin growing. Determining the source of and addressing moisture issues is vital in mold remediation. 

We are in the water mitigation and remediation business, why SERVPRO took on mold issues and their solutions. Expect us to conduct a thorough evaluation to find and arrange for the elimination of moisture sources. We then follow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols for mold remediation: 

  • Containment
  • Removal
  • Cleanup of and lawful disposal of moldy debris
  • Disinfection of affected surfaces with an EPA-registered antimicrobial 

Storm Damage Restoration 

Our ability to reduce the distress and worry caused by harm to your Twin Falls home after extreme weather is the reason we exist. It is impossible to prepare adequately for the destruction a storm can bring to residents of our region. Whether you suffer from the effects of high winds, snow, rain, flooding, or a combination of the above, we train our workforce and maintain our equipment to help year-round. 

Severe storm damage in Twin Falls often requires securing exterior damage. Our employees begin tarping and boarding up immediately after we arrive, as our experienced project managers assess the other damage. We carry a comprehensive inventory of commercial-grade equipment in all service vehicles, so we avoid delays in needed responses. This preemptive approach is why SERVPRO crews can work quickly and effectively no matter the tasks and steps involved.  

As the project plan develops, our crews move on to other phases. We mitigate and remediate storm-related water damage using pumps and extractors, including using containment techniques and lawful disposal methods if floodwaters bring contaminants into your home. Controlled demolition like flood cuts allows us access to trapped water we discerned using moisture probes and infrared cameras. Opening building cavities permits us to dry spaces out more efficiently as well.   

If agreed upon by your carrier, we might pack-out contents for processing and restoration at our production facility. We track and secure the items using a digital and written Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS), why many home insurance companies recommend SRVPRO. Treasures and practical household goods can all benefit from our expert cleaning, drying, deodorizing, and disinfection. Restoring instead of discarding saves money and preserves memories. 

Have confidence in our qualifications and equipment -- why SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties is ready to ­manage any disaster. Our phones at (208) 735-1447 answer 24/7 because emergencies cannot wait.

Cleaning Debris and Residues After Flooding in Twin Falls Homes

12/18/2019 (Permalink)

boy on innertube in a flooded kitchen Flood damage is not fun, contact SERVPRO when a flood damages your home

More Than Meets the Eye When You Have Flood Damage in Your Home

Extraction and drying of flood effects are only part of the full recovery and restoration your Twin Falls home needs after a disaster. Natural flooding presents widespread dirt, debris, and residues to contend with, and our SERVPRO team has effective cleaning strategies to help bring your property back to preloss condition as quickly as possible.

Natural flooding threats can introduce your home to silt, dirt, soils, and other potential contaminants – making cleaning flood damage in Twin Falls home a vital part in the restoration process. Because immediate concerns like the standing water and drying of your property get addressed in the mitigation phase of recovery, our SERVPRO professionals can determine any contamination threats that might exist along with the mud and debris.

Debris cleanup is one of the first stages of the cleaning of your flood-damaged home, and often even follows the controlled demolition of the affected area. Any porous materials that have become exposed to contaminants like sewage or bacterial threats must usually get removed and replaced. Cleaning up surfaces and materials is often more complex and costly than removing and replacing them when disinfection and antibacterial agents are necessary. We have a division of licensed (#RCE-43137) residential contractors that can help with removal and full-scale build back as needed.

Cleaning materials that were only lightly exposed to these contaminants or have become damaged on the surface requires our line of powerful cleaning agents. Between chlorine-based chemicals and phenolics, we can wipe down surfaces treated with these antibacterial and biocide products. For elements like framework, the application of sporicides and mold inhibitors can also help to reduce further damage by making surfaces uninhabitable to mold colonies and eliminating present spores.

Cleaning up after flood damages in your home is more than drying out the damp areas. Our technicians can help by removing residues from surfaces and shoveling out mud and debris present in the damaged areas. No matter how severe flooding can be in your home, trust our SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties team to arrive quickly with the tools and products to help. Give us a call anytime at (208) 735-1447.

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Why Preparation is Necessary for Successful Commercial Flood Remediation in Twin Falls

12/2/2019 (Permalink)

Thunderstorm Warning Sign Preparation is the first step for successful remediation. Let SERVPRO create an Emergency Ready Plan Profile for your business.

How You Can Prepare Your Youth Center for Commercial Flood Damage in Twin Falls  

While your youth center might not feel like one of Twin Falls' many businesses, it still features many of the same structural components. Flooding and other disasters can affect it, causing you to close the center and cancel all activities until some future date. SERVPRO can help you move that date closer, starting before a flood even happens in our area. 

The primary way we help businesses and others in the communities around Twin Falls prepare for commercial flood damage is through our READY Plan Profile. We offer this to those in the community, free of charge, to help make things as organized as possible during the hectic activity following such crises. We also assist in completing the Profile, if someone requests such help.  

The Profile helps you mark exits, valuable pieces of equipment, utilities' shut-off locations, stairways, and other detailed information that our crews receive en route. This information helps them set up and begin mitigating flood damage and preventing other areas from ever sustaining contact with filthy floodwater.  

Knowing that you have only one phone call to make when you notice flooding beginning can help you feel more confident and in charge of an otherwise frightening situation. During the winter, abnormally warm days can melt snow and cause localized flooding. Either can cause damage to your center. We respond to both, as no job it too large, nor too small.  

Other things you might find productive in keeping flood damage to a minimum include keeping a backup of any records on office computers. You might want to consider keeping copies of programs that patrons use on youth center computers in the teens' or children’s' tutoring labs.  

Other things, like foodstuffs, cannot be served if they contact floodwater. Storing these only in higher sections of the pantry instead of the lowermost portions can prevent food waste. Larger pots and pans can take up space below, as we can clean these sufficiently, allowing your staff to use them once your center reopens. 

Placing books and other paper-based materials, including art supplies, up and away from the floor can save not only the center's costly book collection but also the artwork that your younger patrons proudly created. Flood damage can destroy such masterpieces in seconds, making the prevention of such disasters highly important to the youngest members of the neighborhood. 

SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties is always available to help out in our communities, serving Buhl, Kimberly, and Filer with expert guidance and mitigation skills that meet international standards. Call us at (208) 735-1447 to make everything "Like it never even happened." 

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We Will Drying And Refinish Your Hardwood Floors After A Flood In Twin Falls

11/17/2019 (Permalink)

flooding in home after a storm Contact SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties at (208) 735-1447 for hardwood restoration.

Drying and Refinishing Hardwood Floors after Flood Damage in Twin Falls

Wooden flooring can be at an exceptionally high risk of loss when exposed to large amounts of water for a prolonged period. However, hardwood flooring tends to stand-up better against moisture than softwoods, and you may be able to rescue your floorboards using specialty drying methods. When in the presence of moisture, hardwoods naturally buckle, warp and cup. Using the correct restoration procedures, you may be able to avoid buckling from becoming a permanent issue and significantly reduce the expense of your claim.

When hardwood floors are exposed to flood damage in your Twin Falls home, reaching out for professional restoration is essential to rescuing, and reversing the visible damage. The buckling of floorboards in the presence of moisture occurs because woods absorb moisture. A natural equilibrium for moisture in wood is around 12%, so the key to preventing damage is to bring the moisture content down as quickly as possible. The longer woods are exposed to moisture, the higher the chance of permanent damage. Mold growth and rot can appear when moisture content levels exceed 20% in natural woods.

Removing moisture from inside natural materials relies on dehumidification. Dry surrounding air can draw out moisture. SERVPRO technicians can use desiccant dehumidifiers to reduce relative humidity to 30% to 45%. When the moisture content of hardwood drops below 16%, we can place air-moving equipment above and below floorboards to reduce drying times. In some situations, varnish can slow drying by acting as a vapor barrier and require removal to dry wood effectively.

Larger rooms with high ceilings can make dehumidification tricky. SERVPRO can erect polyethylene tents above the floor to create a smaller drying chamber and increase efficiency. During the drying procedure, technicians can regularly assess the subfloor using Teflon coated moisture probes. The process of acclimatizing hardwood flooring can be long and take over a month before the floor can be sanded to remove buckling. Sanding while the floor is still wet may result in permanent harm. Once the floor restoration is complete, we can refinish the wood its preloss condition.

Hardwood floors do not necessarily sustain permanent damage when cupping. Contact SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties at (208) 735-1447 for hardwood restoration.

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Are You Equipped for DIY Flood Damage Restoration in Twin Falls?

11/5/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged floor and wall; drywall and flooring removed Water damaged drywall must be discarded. We make flood cuts to remove the damaged material and dry the structure.

What is the Difference Between Self and Pro Cleanup of Storm Damage or Flooding in Twin Falls Homes? 

When storms strike in Idaho, damage can come from above and below. Tree limbs and high winds damage roofing and break windows allowing water in while flash floods bring in groundwater.  

Storm damage and flooding in Twin Falls homes require fast action by homeowners to limit the loss in their homes. Cleaning up with towels and mops can go so far. In the case of a damaged roof or broken window, temporary repairs such as tarping the roof or covering broken windows need to happen to stop any further water from entering the property. 

Home Water Cleanup Compared to Professional

A wet/dry vacuum does not have the pulling power that SERVPRO extraction units have. They also have specialized attachments for working on different types of flooring, including hardwood floors and tiles. Weighted extractor heads assist with pushing water to the surface of the carpet for a more thorough removal.  

Consumer-Grade Fans Compared to Professional Air Movers and Dehumidifiers

There is almost no comparison. Fans are designed to stir the air and cool a room. SERVPRO air movers have a design based on the science of psychrometry. When a fan blows on a wet surface, it eventually dries the surface. If an air mover blows over the same surface, the high velocity of airflow causes embedded moisture to come to the surface. Once there, the dehumidification equipment captures it and ports it away. The cycle continues as progressively drier air circulates, thoroughly drying the water loss area.  

Wet, Buckled Sheetrock Needs to Go

When water enters a home and encounters sheetrock, the core wicks water rapidly, and half an inch of groundwater may travel several inches upward into the wall and require removal through controlled demolition. No amount of drying can restore water damaged, soggy sheetrock, and unless removed, may invite the setup of mold colonies. 

SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties at (208) 735-1447 stands ready to assist local homeowners with storm damage and flooding in their homes to make the water loss, "Like it never even happened." 

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Why Hire Experts to Handle Fire Damage in Your Jerome Residence

11/5/2019 (Permalink)

Burnt wood. We will tell you Why SERVPRO is the way to go with your Jerome fire damage.

Fire damage is no game, call SERVPRO for help today.

After a fire disaster, your home needs thorough and urgent restoration. The flames, soot residue and water from firefighting efforts can cause immense damage to personal items and building materials. Fire damage can be overwhelming, and you may think your home is hopelessly lost. However, this is not always the case.

An experienced restoration firm can assess the damage quickly and take measures to help you restore normal living conditions and avoid secondary damage. When your Jerome home has fire damage, you can hire SERVPRO franchise professionals to perform the cleanup work.

If left unattended, fire damage in your home may increase. Problems such as mold growth underneath floors and lingering odors in porous materials can become expensive to fix. We offer emergency services meant to prevent fire and smoke damage from getting worse, provide a safer work site for individuals who enter a home, and prepare the house for mitigation and restoration work to start. We can provide you with several emergency services to meet those needs. One of these services is evaluating the loss site for any health or safety hazards.

We can also pre-clean your furniture and carpets to eliminate heavy soot and wipe acidic soot residues from metals and porcelain to prevent corrosion. Our restorers can also remove the charred materials that remind you of a fire loss. Restoring your home to its normal state requires the right approach and equipment. Our crew has the appropriate equipment to deal with the damage effectively.

Most times, firefighters use water to extinguish fires. If there is water in your home, we can extract it using wet/dry vacuums or pumps. We can then set up drying equipment and monitor moisture content and humidity levels using equipment like infrared cameras and moisture meters. Infrared cameras offer a big picture of where moisture may be present quickly. We then use the moisture meter to inspect the problem areas the camera has displayed and measure moisture level or content. Smoke odors can linger in your property after a fire. We can deodorize your home to make it habitable using equipment like:

  •         Thermal foggers
  •         Air scrubbers
  •         Hydroxyl generators

We have dealt with fire disasters for many decades and can, therefore, tackle any problem. Apart from cleaning up homes, we also offer rebuilding services. Our SERVPRO technicians can also help you document the losses so you can get a fair settlement amount and avoid disputes or discrepancies with your insurance company.

When you have a fire loss in your home, SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties is the right restoration company to call. We can make the fire loss seem, “Like it never even happened.”  Contact us 24/7 at (208) 735-1447.

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Our Water Damage Professionals Can Return Your Twin Falls Home To Pre-Damage Condition

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

water covering floor after a leak We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Water Cleanup in Twin Falls to Restore Your Property

Homeowners today like to purchase modern appliances to save time and money while making life a bit easier. With most of today’s appliances utilizing water, any malfunction of the hoses, connections, or pumps can spell trouble. If the structure of your home is exposed to water, calling the professionals at SERVPRO to clean it up fast is an excellent choice to make.

If you find a water leak in your home, initiating water cleanup in Twins Falls reduces the risk of excessive damage. You may have water leaking under the flooring from a faulty dishwasher, or there is a hidden leak underneath your refrigerator with water filtration. The professionals can access the area quickly and employ the latest techniques for detection to pinpoint the source.

Once our team of technicians arrives at your property, we can disconnect the faulty appliance and remove it from the area. Water tends to flow across the surface of the floor, but it may seep down in between the flooring material and into your subfloor. In such a situation, SERVPRO technicians can devise a plan to preserve your flooring and dry up the moisture in your subfloor. We can then assess the floor or crawlspace below, along with any supporting structural elements.

Your flooring must be addressed to quell moisture levels to prevent distortion from setting in. We can get into the subflooring and the crawlspace to perform water removal and work on speeding up the drying process. Our team can remove any necessary planks to start moisture removal using specialized equipment.

Once moisture readings are taken and the area is contained, we can implement the use of heaters and air movers that help to pull moisture out of the subflooring. Such equipment also creates ample circulation throughout your crawlspace below. Dehumidifiers may also be used to help remove any water vapors remaining in the air. Any impacted surfaces can also be disinfected using products that are registered through the EPA. After the area is adequately dried, we can then replace the flooring to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Give our team a call at SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties at (208) 735-1447 should you need water cleanup assistance. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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Our Water Damage Experts Can Save Your Buhl Home

10/4/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged room If you have any water in your home, call us today at (208) 735-1447 for fast and professional restoration.

Professional Water Cleanup And Restoration For Buhl Homes

Buhl residents get to enjoy the benefits of living close to the Snake River without excessive flooding. That’s not to say water intrusions don’t happen; every home is vulnerable to failed plumbing, cracked pipes, and broken appliances.

Water cleanup in Buhl homes after one of these incidents can take anywhere from a few hours to several days. At SERVPRO, our restoration technicians can remove any standing water, perform minor repairs, dry the home, and return it to its original condition.

As an example, take a home one of our teams restored several months ago. A family departed for its summer vacation, had a wonderful time, then returned to find a broken toilet had sent water flooding through the entire first floor and into the basement. Team members replaced the broken toilet in less than an hour, but removing the water took a bit longer.

Fortunately, it was clean water from the tank and not the bowl. SERVPRO technicians removed it from the first floor and the basement in a couple of days then used a series of fans and air movers to dry out the carpets. Unfortunately, delamination had already set in, separating the top and bottom layers in the living room and master bedroom. That meant throwing them out and installing new ones after drying the floor.

After cleaning up and drying the home, we can rebuild it too. As a licensed residential contractor (RCE-43137), team members not only returned the home to its original condition but made some improvements as well. For this home, that meant tearing out and installing a new set of stairs leading into the basement.

Since our carpenters were down there, the owner also had us complete the task of finishing the basement. They installed framing and hung sheetrock that created a pleasant game room and divided off a laundry room to reduce noise. As they completed work, other technicians lowered the humidity to a comfortable level by using dehumidifiers to remove moisture directly from the air.

Here at SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties, our goal is to provide the same effort and results to every home here and in surrounding communities like Filer, Kimberly, and Rock Creek. If you have any water in your home, call us today at (208) 735-1447 for fast and professional restoration.

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Fire Damage Gurus In Jerome Examine Ways To Deodorize Smoke Odors

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

Man holding a pan in the kitchen that is smoking. Let SERVPRO take the smoke off of you when it comes to your Jerome home fire.

We can take on the odor damage of your Jerome home.

Even a small blaze that starts in or near your Jerome residence can cause your structural components and possessions problems. According to our SERVPRO experts, fire damage can come in many forms, including issues with light smoke. Smoke coming from an inferno consists of particles that did not completely turn into a gas when heated or combust. These partially combusted particles can float around your house and contaminate it with soot residues and unpleasant aromas.

During some fire damage situations in Jerome, smoke can penetrate deeply into the more porous materials inside your residence. When this occurs, removing all foul odors can prove to be difficult. In many cases, burnt smells get eliminated when all torched substances, soot residues, and soils get cleaned and removed. However, in some cases, tainted aromas can still be prevalent even after cleaning procedures.

If items still smell burnt after cleaning, our highly trained team of SERVPRO fire and smoke restoration technicians or FSTs can utilize a variety of pieces of specialized equipment and techniques. The advanced technology at our disposal enables us to mimic the behavior of smoke with deodorants and chemically neutralize burnt odors. We also offer fast 24/7 service so that we can immediately begin restoration operations right away, which can help reduce the number of unpleasant smells prevalent.

First off, before using any deodorization equipment, we make sure our team has the necessary safety equipment. If the operations are hazardous, we seal off the area we are working in during the deodorization procedures. We then use items like electric sprayers to dispense chemicals into your stinky structure.

Ventilation box fans also often get used to help create air circulation and "air out" the building. For situations where strong, pungent aromas prove to be an issue, our FSTs at SERVPRO can utilize other machines such as a fogger or ozone generator. Foggers work by breaking deodorizing chemicals down to microscopic particles so they can penetrate materials as deeply as the smoke did. An ozone generator creates unstable O3 molecules that oxides malodor particles and neutralizes them.

If you ever need your house in Buhl, Filer, Hazelton or Rogerson deodorized due to burnt aromas, call SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties at (208) 735-1447 because once we are done, you will not think a fire ever burned when we do such a quality job that we make it seem "Like it never even happened."

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