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Archived Storm Damage Blog Posts

Storm Damage

11/10/2020 (Permalink)

Cold Temperature Challenges

Lower temperatures can make water removal and structural drying trickier. Even though the water seeping into your home is just above freezing, it still has the potential to carry contaminants, including chemicals and human waste, into your home. The municipal storm water system is likely overwhelmed, and street drains can be blocked with ice and slush. This is the time of year to take extra pre-caution to prevent accidents. Our employees might need to start by shoveling frozen water out of your basement or lower levels if the pressure of meltwater and snow washed out foundation walls. Our extraction equipment contains the contaminated liquid, and SERVPRO’s familiarity with local hazardous waste disposal requirements assures we manage it for you properly. Regardless of the size or type of loss SERVPRO Of Twin Falls and Jerome Counties has you covered. 

Storm Damage in Twin Falls

11/10/2020 (Permalink)

When unanticipated thawing of snow results in flood damage at your Twin Falls home, our year-round assistance is crucial. Unlike some flooding recovery companies that move with disasters, we are a local business available to help at all times and respond to concerns and questions after we complete a job for you. Our managers and crews master a broad range of flooding mitigations and remediation strategies during the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training. We arrive as soon as practical with all the needed state-of-the-art equipment on our service vehicles. The entre staff at SERVPRO Twin Falls  and Jerome Counties are certified to handle any damage to your home whether it's a flood loss, a fire loss, a mold loss can help.  

The Real Truth Behind Flood Damage Remediation in Twin Falls

4/26/2020 (Permalink)

flooded residential area When your area is facing flooding and the resulting flood damage, the best recourse is to contact the certified technicians at SERVPRO for service.

Flood Damage Twin Falls – Restore or Replace

That's the question many homeowners ask themselves after a flood. Should the family throw out everything and replace it? Or should an attempt be made to save as much as possible? There are many factors to consider. Insurance coverage, heirlooms, contamination, total cost, and disruption to the family are just a few to consider. Consumers in this situation are also very emotional, having just experienced a catastrophic event. Many people need help to make these decisions.

SERVPRO has been providing flood damage services in Twin Falls and the surrounding area for years. We provide a 5-year warranty to back up our work, and we work closely with the client and their insurance company to make the right decisions for every situation. Many items can be recovered, de-sanitized, and cleaned. Generally, porous items have absorbed too much water and contaminated materials. We suggest replacing these items in most situations.

Contaminated Materials

Floodwaters carry a great deal of debris, including mud, as well as contaminated materials. Chemicals, biohazards, feces, even human waste can be picked up by floodwaters and carried into your home. With mud coating everything, it can be challenging to know what type of hazards there are and how your items should be treated. SERVPRO encourages homeowners in these situations to leave it to the pros.

Once SERVPRO flood technicians are on-site and have assessed the situation, we can provide guidance, regarding the best approach to take. If something can be saved through thorough cleaning, de-sanitized, and held in an uncontaminated staging area, we make every effort to save the item. We thoroughly review our recommendations with both the homeowner and the insurance adjuster to ensure that all variables are considered. Our objective is to return your home and contents to its original condition, "Like it never even happened." We also aim to keep your family safe as well and avoid health issues from contamination.

We hold a contractor license: Residential: RCE-43137, which enables our SERVPRO team to provide complete cleaning, restoration, repair, and reconstruction services.

Call SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties at (208) 735-1447 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Rock Creek, Clover, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Understanding Storm Damage in Twin Falls

2/9/2020 (Permalink)

thawing snow on a roof Changing weather patterns can cause water damage in your home. Contact SERVPRO right away to help prevent mold from setting in.

Snow and Thaw Cycles Complicate Twin Falls Residential Flood Damage

Weather patterns continuously change, presenting Twin Falls homeowners with new challenges. Higher than average temperatures paired with heavy winter precipitation can bring flooding to our Southern Idaho location. Fueled by rapid melting, the overabundance of water has few outlets, with frozen ground unable to absorb the liquid. Ice and hardened snow around your home block runoff, and can act to direct water into your home. Clogged gutters and roof-line ice dams also funnel meltwater into your attic if warm air leaks and thaws the frozen mix.

Flooding Respects No Season

When unanticipated thawing of snow results in flood damage at your Twin Falls home, our year-round assistance is crucial. Unlike some flooding recovery companies that move with disasters, we are a local business available to help at all times and respond to concerns and questions after we complete a job for you. Our managers and crews master a broad range of flooding mitigations and remediation strategies during the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training. We arrive as soon as practical with all the needed state-of-the-art equipment on our service vehicles. 

Cold Temperature Challenges

Lower temperatures can make water removal and structural drying trickier. Even though the water seeping into your home is just above freezing, it still has the potential to carry contaminants, including chemicals and human waste, into your home. The municipal stormwater system is likely overwhelmed, and street drains can be blocked with ice and slush. Our employees might need to start by shoveling frozen water out of your basement or lower levels if the pressure of meltwater and snow washed out foundation walls. Our extraction equipment contains the contaminated liquid, and SERVPRO’s familiarity with local hazardous waste disposal requirements assures we manage it for you properly.

Upper Story Flooding

Whether because of ice dams or the weight of snow on a freeze-thaw cycle weakened roof, water can enter from above as well. This leakage is often unnoticed until the fluids migrate down into living areas. As the thawed snow trickles, it can pool up in building cavities, eventually migrating over ceilings or across floors. This type of water damage requires our technicians to be vigilant with moisture detection tools and methods to find the water. We also use controlled demolition techniques to access the water for extraction and the cavities for drying, including drilling holes and flood cuts. 

Repair and Rebuilding

SERVPRO’s general contractor’s license limits the “shopping” our customer’s need to do if the flood damage mitigation and remediation services result in the need for some rehabbing. Because we have a licensed and experienced contracting crew, we can offer wrap-around restoration services.

SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties is prepared to help with flooding or other disasters 365 days a year. Call us at (208) 735-1447 to schedule an evaluation.

Contractor Licenses:

Residential: RCE-43137

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Cleaning Debris and Residues After Flooding in Twin Falls Homes

12/18/2019 (Permalink)

boy on innertube in a flooded kitchen Flood damage is not fun, contact SERVPRO when a flood damages your home

More Than Meets the Eye When You Have Flood Damage in Your Home

Extraction and drying of flood effects are only part of the full recovery and restoration your Twin Falls home needs after a disaster. Natural flooding presents widespread dirt, debris, and residues to contend with, and our SERVPRO team has effective cleaning strategies to help bring your property back to preloss condition as quickly as possible.

Natural flooding threats can introduce your home to silt, dirt, soils, and other potential contaminants – making cleaning flood damage in Twin Falls home a vital part in the restoration process. Because immediate concerns like the standing water and drying of your property get addressed in the mitigation phase of recovery, our SERVPRO professionals can determine any contamination threats that might exist along with the mud and debris.

Debris cleanup is one of the first stages of the cleaning of your flood-damaged home, and often even follows the controlled demolition of the affected area. Any porous materials that have become exposed to contaminants like sewage or bacterial threats must usually get removed and replaced. Cleaning up surfaces and materials is often more complex and costly than removing and replacing them when disinfection and antibacterial agents are necessary. We have a division of licensed (#RCE-43137) residential contractors that can help with removal and full-scale build back as needed.

Cleaning materials that were only lightly exposed to these contaminants or have become damaged on the surface requires our line of powerful cleaning agents. Between chlorine-based chemicals and phenolics, we can wipe down surfaces treated with these antibacterial and biocide products. For elements like framework, the application of sporicides and mold inhibitors can also help to reduce further damage by making surfaces uninhabitable to mold colonies and eliminating present spores.

Cleaning up after flood damages in your home is more than drying out the damp areas. Our technicians can help by removing residues from surfaces and shoveling out mud and debris present in the damaged areas. No matter how severe flooding can be in your home, trust our SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties team to arrive quickly with the tools and products to help. Give us a call anytime at (208) 735-1447.

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Are You Equipped for DIY Flood Damage Restoration in Twin Falls?

11/5/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged floor and wall; drywall and flooring removed Water damaged drywall must be discarded. We make flood cuts to remove the damaged material and dry the structure.

What is the Difference Between Self and Pro Cleanup of Storm Damage or Flooding in Twin Falls Homes? 

When storms strike in Idaho, damage can come from above and below. Tree limbs and high winds damage roofing and break windows allowing water in while flash floods bring in groundwater.  

Storm damage and flooding in Twin Falls homes require fast action by homeowners to limit the loss in their homes. Cleaning up with towels and mops can go so far. In the case of a damaged roof or broken window, temporary repairs such as tarping the roof or covering broken windows need to happen to stop any further water from entering the property. 

Home Water Cleanup Compared to Professional

A wet/dry vacuum does not have the pulling power that SERVPRO extraction units have. They also have specialized attachments for working on different types of flooring, including hardwood floors and tiles. Weighted extractor heads assist with pushing water to the surface of the carpet for a more thorough removal.  

Consumer-Grade Fans Compared to Professional Air Movers and Dehumidifiers

There is almost no comparison. Fans are designed to stir the air and cool a room. SERVPRO air movers have a design based on the science of psychrometry. When a fan blows on a wet surface, it eventually dries the surface. If an air mover blows over the same surface, the high velocity of airflow causes embedded moisture to come to the surface. Once there, the dehumidification equipment captures it and ports it away. The cycle continues as progressively drier air circulates, thoroughly drying the water loss area.  

Wet, Buckled Sheetrock Needs to Go

When water enters a home and encounters sheetrock, the core wicks water rapidly, and half an inch of groundwater may travel several inches upward into the wall and require removal through controlled demolition. No amount of drying can restore water damaged, soggy sheetrock, and unless removed, may invite the setup of mold colonies. 

SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties at (208) 735-1447 stands ready to assist local homeowners with storm damage and flooding in their homes to make the water loss, "Like it never even happened." 

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Jerome Flooding, SERVPRO Protocols, Solutions Coming for Water Removal and Drying

9/5/2019 (Permalink)

Thermal imaging device directed at a wall showing moisture content SERVPRO Utilizes Advanced Moisture Detection Equipment to Mitigate Storm Damage with Rapid Restoration Services. Ask Our Many Customers in Jerome!

How We Detect Moisture Across Your Flood Damaged Jerome Home

Moisture detection is one of the most critical parts of our flood damage mitigation work. If we could not find the hidden water in your home, then we could not identify where damage is likely to occur and might even skip over affected areas. We use some of the most advanced tools in the industry to identify where water spreads in your home, even in places you might never expect.

Moisture Sensors
The primary way that we detect how far flood damage to your Jerome home has spread is through the use of moisture sensing devices. The most reliable tool we have is the penetrating moisture meter, which inserts a tiny needle into the surface we are testing to determine the amount of water inside it. While these tools are exceptionally reliable, they can cause minor damage to the materials of your home much akin to a thumbtack being pushed into the wall. For this reason, most of our work relies on non-penetrating moisture meters that use advanced methods such as radio frequency emissions. However, these tools are less reliable when used on some materials, making the use of penetrating moisture meters unavoidable in some scenarios.

Thermal Imaging Devices
One of the most impactful recent advances in the SERVPRO equipment lineup has been the addition of thermal imaging devices. These handheld scanners use infrared rays to identify temperature differences in your home. Because wet areas tend to be cooler than dry ones near them, we can use these tools to quickly identify which parts of your home are wet or dry. However, because these devices cannot see behind walls and other surfaces, we cannot rely on them alone to conduct our inspections. These devices assist our SERVPRO techs in mapping out moist or damp areas on ceilings, floors, and walls. We can place blue painters tape to identify these spots for drying.

Handheld thermo-hygrometers enable our inspectors and technicians to identify moisture in the air of your home. Humidity causes and accelerates many of the most expensive consequences of flood damage, and the use of thermo-hygrometers is vital in our efforts to counter those damaging processes. We typically take measurements from all around the home to determine how and where the moisture is spreading in your home.

SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties provides 24/7 emergency mitigation services whenever flood damage strikes. Call us at (208) 735-1447 as soon as possible after an incident.

We Arrive Quickly To Any Jerome Flood Damage Emergency

8/9/2019 (Permalink)

We arrived riight away to restore this bathroom and removed the floodwater to prevent further damage.

Flood Cuts and How They Help Your Jerome Property

While many can appreciate their need for professional restoration after flooding occurs, Jerome property owners might not fully understand the needs of their house and why specific approaches are more beneficial than others. The better you can understand the restoration process for professionals like our SERVPRO team, the more you can appreciate each step in bringing your residence back to its preloss condition.

There are many steps involved in the recovery of flood damage in Jerome properties, but a misunderstood stage is the creation of flood cuts in drywall and paneling. While our technicians work to answer your questions and concerns as thoroughly as possible, our priority is drying out the damage to your house and making the home safe for you and your family. Flood cuts can help with this process.

This process involves removing a lower portion of the drywall or paneling in areas exposed to flood damage. The assessment of the extent of this damage goes beyond direct exposure and can include a wicking effect drywall has when the base of the wall is submerged. Hygrometers, infrared imagery, and probing moisture detection devices determine the spread of moisture and saturation from the base to the ceiling in damaged material. With a literal line of division between dry and damaged, marked with tape, the lower portion of the compromised wall, our SERVPRO team can work immediately in removing it.

There are multiple benefits to this approach, and it begins with access to damp wall cavities for direct drying efforts. By only removing a portion of a wall instead of entire panels of sheetrock, we can ultimately save money on both replacement materials and their installation after mitigation and immediate recovery work complete.

We have a full team of licensed residential contractors (RCE-43137), we can make every flooding scenario “Like it never even happened.” Our SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties professionals can arrive quickly to any emergency with the tools and the experience to make a difference quickly. Give us a call anytime at (208) 735-1447.

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It's Storm Season in Twin Falls. How Should You Handle Water Damage?

6/11/2019 (Permalink)

When storm water invades your home, call SERVPRO. We are always on call and can dry your home in a jiffy.

Unusual Storms Leave Homes with Flood Damage in Twin Falls

The area around Twin Falls seems to have had more than its share of strange weather patterns lately. Storms that last for unusually long periods and leave the area overflowing with rainwater occur much more often than in years past. This extra rain and its new frequency can create detrimental conditions over vast areas and affect hundreds of homes and businesses.

SERVPRO's professional mitigation team is always ready to help those in Twin Falls and nearby areas effectively deal with flood damage. Gaps in the roof caused by ripped-off shingles from torrential rain or wind can leave upper levels of your home saturated by the rain and full of debris from trees. Flooding that invades your house through its exterior doors also pushes debris inside.

Contamination created by over-the-ground flooding means your home's interior now contains hazards that can cause health effects in both people and pets. It relieves many of our customers when they learn we come prepared for any amount of flooding, including murky water that leaves your home soiled and full of dangers. Decontamination work begins soon after our arrival.

Our technicians check for overhead flooding that might affect electrical components of your home because of water that traveled down through the interiors of walls. Repairs of the electrical system, just like other elements within your house, should not begin until these sections of your home no longer contain any excess moisture.

We use cameras with infrared capabilities to locate such pockets of moisture, and then follow up before and after mitigation to determine the amount of drying time each area needs. We cut away areas that show deterioration and leave undamaged materials, much like we do with water damage from clean sources.

When storms cause streams and rivers to flood your neighborhood, water starts destroying your floors and steadily works upwards. The sections of walls covered in porous materials which we cut away stretch from the floor to several inches above the water line mark. Because the uppermost portions readily absorb the excess humidity in the air, drying these sections helps protect your home from the effects microbial growth and sogginess can cause. Unfortunately, these places do not remain dry, even though no direct contact with the flood happened.

SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties knows how to use the latest in mitigation and restoration equipment to make your flood damage nightmare in Rogerson, Buhi, or Clover go away. Contact us at (208) 735-1447 when your home needs professionals who can make everything "Like it never even happened."

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Our Team Is Prepared To Handle Quick Removal Of Flood Damage In Twin Falls

5/6/2019 (Permalink)

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer our expertise, experience, and necessary equipment to restore your home.

Why Professional Cleanup is Necessary with Flood Damage in Twin Falls

The water damage from a storm that reaches the interior through a leak in the roof or a broken window is insidious to both your home and contents. The longer things remain even damp, the more damage that is happening — the weakening of structural materials, the possibility of mold and of course - odors.

When flood damage happens in a Twin Falls home, it is imperative that the premises have water cleanup efforts that are more than using a wet/dry vac and throwing towels on the floor. That can give the appearance that water is gone, but residual moisture is often found trapped in sheetrock, subflooring, porous items and can cause further issues the longer it remains.

SERVPRO technicians are certified in the science of psychrometry, or the study of air and water vapor. When we are called to mitigate flood damage, our goal is to first get the affected areas as dry as possible, no matter how much water is in the home. For small-size water invasions, we have portable pumps that quickly extract the standing water in short order.

The high-volume standing rovers that use the weight of the technician operating it to force water to the surface are especially beneficial for moving out flood water quickly. The rovers are particularly adept for maneuvering around corners and in small spaces. Items too waterlogged to restore through our proprietary methods are removed. Flood cuts are often performed at this stage of cleanup to remove damaged portions of drywall well above where moisture has wicked into, so adequate airflow can dry the interior wall cavities.

Drying goals are set, and the affected areas are dried using our air movers. Special configurations are set up to direct air into flooring or wall cavities as needed. Each time our technicians set up equipment to dry a property, the setup is unique to that location as we use the angles in a structure to assist in the extraction of moist air for faster drying in tandem with dehumidifiers to capture and remove water vapor.

SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties stands ready to come to your property any time of the day or night to mitigate flood damage. We are available at (208) 735-1447 and have the equipment and expertise to make your water loss "Like it never even happened."

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How Professionals Restore Your Home After Flooding in Twin Falls

3/13/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can tarp your roof to prevent secondary damages.

The Different Steps Involved in Restoring Flood Damage in Twin Falls

When a flooding incident damages your property, it might feel like you are wasting money in the restoration. Sometimes the estimate given for the work may seem like a rip-off especially if it is the first time you are dealing with such an incident. Restoring flood damage takes many steps, some of which can take longer to complete leaving you with a sizable bill to settle. When done correctly, your property should attain its preloss state.  

Before starting the restoration of flood damage in Twin Falls, a thorough evaluation is necessary. The level and type of evaluation depend on the intensity of flooding experienced. It can range from checking the integrity of the entire structure to simpler aspects such as checking the level of water migration and electrical hazards. Evaluation requires expertise and sufficient equipment including PPE, Personal Protective Equipment because of hazards such as electrocution and contamination.  

Further damages can happen after the initial flooding effect, which is likely with the breaching of the property wall or roof. Repairing such breaches fast may not be possible, so there is a need to set up temporary stop-gap measures. Our SERVPRO technicians board up properties or install roof tarps to protect contents from further damage. Boarding up can also help in other ways such as keeping out vandals thus saving the property owner from unnecessary cost.  

Flooding leaves properties dirty, so cleanup thorough cleanup is necessary for the property to be habitable. Some of the filth such as silt or sewage is brought in by the flood waters. Materials in the house such as carpets and drywall damaged by the floodwaters also add to what needs to go during the cleanup phase. Our SERVPRO technicians remove all porous materials affected by floodwater to eliminate contamination. We also use equipment such as pressure washers to clean up soiled surfaces. We also use OSHA approved cleaning agents for sanitizing soiled areas.  

If floods damage your property in Jerome, Buhl or Kimberly areas, call SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties at (208) 735-1447 to handle the restoration. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Why Your Twin Falls Home Needs Immediate Restoration After A Storm

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

Floods can cause a significant amount of damage to your home but with our team you can save money by acting fast and restoring your home right away.

How we can Help with Flood Damage in your Twin Falls Property

Flash floods can cause millions of dollars worth of damage in a short space of time. Repairing that damage requires professional help from technicians with the right qualifications and experience. These two aspects are vital because they mitigate against damage further down the line. In the majority of mold remediation we carry out, the original cause has been a water leak or flood occurring in the preceding months. Guarding against these secondary damages is essential.

A property suffering from flood damage in Twin Falls needs care and attention. SERVPRO uses local technicians to reduce our call out times and operate an emergency call line 24 hours a day for anyone in need. On receiving notification of loss, we can send a rapid response unit to your property to begin mitigating the loss by performing an emergency structural repair, removing furniture and fittings or pulling up carpets.

The longer standing water is left, the more likely it is to cause permanent damage. Moisture moves from wet to dry meaning that excess pooling can get inside wall cavities or saturate your subfloor mat. SERVPRO uses moisture meters to find damp spots that are not noticeable to the naked eye. We can remove and dispose of any sheetrock, subfloor or debris quickly to fight against expensive secondary flood damage.

After the removal of items from the affected area, and checking for potential hazards like loose electrics, we can begin the drying process. Standing water can be pumped out, and portable extraction units brought in. These equipment are much more effective than air movers or dehumidifiers, removing water 1,000 times faster and ensuring your home is dry.

Flood water contains bacteria and microbes which is why a thorough disinfecting and sanitizing procedure is vital. SERVPRO uses anti-microbial paints, treatments, and cleaning chemicals to not only destroy potentially harmful or odorous deposits after flooding but also to prevent mold or mildew growth. If any odors linger after the property is dry, we can deploy water-based foggers to neutralize smells without being harmful to property inhabitants.

Property damages need immediate and expert attention, contact SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties at (208) 735-1447.

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Can Flood Damaged Carpeting in Your Twin Falls Home be Salvaged?

12/4/2018 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO when water damages your flooring.

Drying a Home Inside and Out after Flood Damage in Twin Falls

Floods can be caused by pretty much anything: heavy rainfall, natural disaster or internal plumbing issues. One consistent part of floods is that they are relatively unpredictable with local warnings sent out as little as a week before the damage occurs. They can also cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property and possessions. In the aftermath of a flood, you need a professional and experienced service provider to make the necessary reparations.

The impact of flood damage in Twin Falls properties is as much measured by what you cannot see as what you can. Standing water can cause permanent harm if it is allowed to saturate carpets, wall cavities, and subfloors. SERVPRO is one of the few restoration providers with the equipment and know-how to tackle all three.

Most local providers can bring in gas pumps or water extractors to help remove standing water from your property. However, water that permeates the structure of the home itself is much more difficult to remedy. SERVPRO use drying mats to help absorb water from beneath your floorboards.

Drying mats are advanced equipment laying over the affected area. By using a centralized pump to draw water from inside the floor itself, they ensure the structure is dry inside and out. Removing all moisture is essential after flood damage as any residual moisture can quickly become a cause for concern with secondary damages like mold growth likely.

Equipment is only useful in the right hands. SERVPRO technicians train extensively, and many hold IICRC certificates in applied structural drying among other qualifications. Carpets, for example, are up to 50% weaker when wet. Carpeted areas require removal so that they can dry on both sides. We then apply anti-microbial treatments before replacing them.

Going the extra mile is what has got us to where we are today. If you need a service that goes above and beyond, contact SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties at (208) 725-1447 now.

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Twin Falls Property Owners Know SERVPRO Is Only a Phone Call Away for Rapid Water Removal

11/13/2018 (Permalink)

Twin Falls, ID Homeowners Trust SERVPRO for Water Extraction After a Flood

Choosing the Right Flood Damage Service for Your Twin Falls Home

You come home to a flood loss crisis in your Twin Falls home; water is everywhere, things look pretty bad. Unfortunately, there is no way to know exactly when this all started since you were at work. However, you understand that you need to take immediate action or things are going to get out of hand, quick.

No one wants to spend time sitting around their Twin Falls area home waiting for a flood damage restoration company to call them back. Now you do not have to; we are a local company that provides 24/7 emergency response teams, along with highly trained technicians and access to advanced technology that makes recovering from flood damage quicker than ever before.

When you call SERVPRO, an entire team of IICRC-industry certified professionals get dispatched to your location and begin assessing the situation immediately. We understand how destructive contaminated flood water can be and make every effort to minimize your losses from the very beginning of our restoration process. You never have to wonder about what is going on, because our technicians take the time to explain every problem in detail. We make sure you understand what we intend to do and which issues you need to address first. Our staff even relays information to your insurance company to help you obtain the best results. Please do check to see if this type of flooding since it is weather-related, is covered under your policy.

At SERVPRO our technicians put their experience to work for you. We have access to all of the latest equipment, training, and resources, including both hand-held and truck-mounted water extractors of all shapes and sizes. As well as infrared moisture detectors, dehumidifiers, air movers, and negative air-flow machines. Our specially formulated cleaning and sanitizing agents can top of the water removal with a guarantee of a safe interior environment. We have access to everything necessary to return your property to a quality pre-flood damage condition quickly, “Like it never even happened.”

You can always depend on SERVPRO of Twin Falls & Jerome Counties to provide you with the emergency services you need to get things back on track fast. We are proud to offer quality cleanup & restoration services to homeowners throughout Buhl, Filer, Rogerson, and surrounding communities. (208) 735-1447

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