Recent Before & After Photos

Long term leak Jerome, ID

This client first noticed signs of a water damage when her laminate floor started raising in front of her kitchen sink.  Upon further inspection, she disco... READ MORE

Burst Pipe in Burley, ID

This flooded basement was the result of a broken water main coming into the house.  This particular burst was a tricky one because of the fact that a ... READ MORE

Cooking fire in Castleford, ID

This beautiful home in Castleford, ID suffered a fire damage due to a cooking fire.  We understand that it is extemely devastating when a fire starts in yo... READ MORE

Pack out

These are pictures of the before and after a fire pack out. When a customer experience a fire loss and they hire us to do the mediation.While the customer is pr... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Jerome, ID

After coming home from a trip the customer came home to a flooded basement. There was about two feet of water. it came to the second step from the bottom o... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Twin Falls, ID

This was a Kitchen fire that was credited to leaving the stove unattended while boiling water. Noticed the damaged to the cabinets above the stove.We ... READ MORE